ENGL 7370 Introduction to Digital Humanities


Detail of Charles Babbage's difference engine


  • A growing portfolio of short-format scholarly writing, added to your personal website
  • Students work individually (but read each other’s work)
  • Five posts contributed through the semester, with at least two published before mid-term
  • Posts of ~750-1500 words length
  • Posts published at least one week apart

The Nitty-Gritty

Scholars in a field called “digital humanities” are, perhaps not surprisingly, often very active online. Many share their scholarship through blogs or social networking sites. Digital Humanities Now, for instance, surfaces exciting new content from the field from its list of subscribed feeds. DHNow is based on a “post-publication” model of peer review, in which scholarship is first published on blogs and is then certified based on its circulation and commentary within the scholarly community. This assignment asks you to begin building your own scholarly presence online so you can participate in those conversations.


“Intro to DH” is a challenging and full class. The semester will include thirteen weeks of readings and eleven or twelve labs. To give you some flexibility, you may choose five weeks during which to blog. I strongly recommend you not delay starting this work, but instead begin early and work steadily so that you can use this flexibility as the inevitable stresses of the semester emerge. To that end, at least two posts must be finished before mid-term, and I would strongly urge to to strive for three before mid-term.